life sheet

i am borrowing idi's genius idea to create a page with some facts about me and some thoughts i have about my life.

who is mothbaby anyway?

here are some stats i have compiled about myself:

age: 23

location: missouri

height: 5'3"

pet: malachi (cat) freya (cat)

pet age: 2 years old, 9 months old

sun sign: leo

rising sign: taurus

moon sign: sagittarius

what's going on in mothbaby's life right now?

i have been out of college living on my own for two years. i have a pretty stable and decent job, all things considered. i live with my partner and we have 2 cats. i am incredibly blessed with good friends all around. relaxing and accepting having a good time in life. putting work into my hobbies but not pressuring myself. i spend a lot of time knitting and am proud of the stuff i've made. i like music and like going to shows. im trying to travel often so as to not feel stagnant


what are mothbaby's future plans?


body modifications

- my ears are double pierced. i got them double pierced in high school.

- i have a nose ring. i got this junior year of college and it caused a lot of complaints from my parents but it made me feel like i looked more gay and i liked that

- aqua drop tattoo on my rib cage. my soul friend E gave me a stick n poke junior year of college while we were both pretty drunk. its a little raindrop to symbolize the aquadome. i found out later many alumni of the aquadome have this tattoo as well. if you dont know what the aquadome is check out their flounder!

- both nips are pierced. didn't hurt as badly as i thought and look pretty cool. healing has been a long and frustrating process...

- larkspur and daisy tattoo on my left collarbone poked by moldgold222

-water lily and dragon fly on my arm


here are some things i like to do:

- knit

- listen to music

- watch tv

- go on walks/be outside

- write poetry

- make collages

- talk to my friends


these are some topics that interest me:

- astrology

- sociology

- communication

- relationships

- gender

- healthy sex

- communism