i am a very spiritual person but it really comes and goes. i don't really subscribe to any one religion but i like the Eastern concepts most. i believe in energy and intention. altering my perception has helped me delve more into this realm. i want to have a more routine spiritual practice. i like to meditate but don't have any routine with it. i think ritual is really cool and would like to feel more ritualistic about my life.

managing cycles

i feel like i've been on this crazy long mental health journey for years, but i think im finally coming to a place where i understand the way my mind and emotions work much better. i don't feel like i can just make the emotional cycles i go through stop, but i want to make them more manageable.

confidence and creation

i think a huge block i face to creativity is my own self-doubt. but i also recognize expressing myself creatively is a huge need for me. i'm also realizing how my self-doubt affects other areas of my life. i really want to find my power and my voice. it comes and goes now. being around friends who are vulnerable and creative has really helped me in this. sharing art is important!