treeprophet was leaving my house and going home. he was wearing my grey pants. i asked him why he was wearing them and he said he liked them. i told him they were my favorite and he couldn't just take them and he was like "well it'll only be for a week"


I was in a large building with many people who I think were all children. There was a woman there who was evil in some way...I was hiding from her and trying to save the kids. my cat, Malachi, was with me the whole time but she was part cat, part falcon.

later, i was with treeprophet, E, and some other folks. we were drawing on these little piece of contact paper and putting them on this machine that converted it into a digital drawing with cool depth and stuff. then treeprophet's childhood friend C showed up. my brother J was there and he suggested we go play ghost in the graveyard. we went to this big arcade/ entertainment complex together where there were a lot of other kids. when we were done playing, we all left and so did everyone else who was in the building. My friend S was there and while we were walking out she distracted the girl working at the front so I could steal a tootsie pop but I got scared and didn't do it.

some analysis: big childhood theme, i felt like i was in my 21 yr old body and my friends were their normal age but we were all kids at the same time.

also, my cat has been by my side in a lot of my nightmare type dreams. she sleeps with me every night and i think my subconscious sees her as a protector


had a few dreams last night. in the first one, i was caught in a loop of being forced to merge consciousnesses with this demon lady and do awful things. woke up from that with literal chills down my spine.

can't remember the other ones right now