i was staying with a family that took care of bugs. the mom was a scientist and maybe was treeprophet's mom?

i shared a room with a young kid and we had all these cages of different bugs. i was feeling really creepy crawly but felt like i had to be cool about all the bugs. there was a HUGE tarantula in one of the cages, it was the size of a rabbit and super hairy. mal and freya were there and they were trying to get the big tarantula. the kid had to tranquilize the tarantula so it wouldn't poison mal or freya. it turned white and frozen, the kid said it could live while frozen and that was how they were shipped out to people and it was called a "tarantula steak"


dreamt that treeprophet and i were at his family's Christmas in february celebration. their house was huge and full of shiny things. there was a structure, like a treehouse but attached to a very tall wooden pool in the ocean behind the house. the treehouse had really long wires you could hang on to and swing very far and they could pull you up into the treehouse and then you could jump off and swing again. treeprophet and i were doing this together. we swung far in one direction and saw land and he said "that's russia" and we landed there. we let go of the wires and then quickly grabbed them again and they pulled us back into the treehouse over the ocean. i felt kinda claustrophobic in the treehouse itself, you could only fit in it if you were laying down.


my cat was staying at a different apartment than mine for some reason. I went to the apartment to get my stuff and pick her up. Someone was there and asked me for gorilla glue. I gave it to them and they started using it to glue the fringes of my crochet bag together and i yelled and told them to stop. They seemed to think the bag was theirs. I picked up mal and held her to take her outside. She was squirming and i was afraid she'd run away.


my family was like the family from shameless, the tv show. my parents still looked like my parents but i had a bunch of different brothers and sisters. we lived in a big shambly house. everything was super messy and we shared bedrooms. there was a general vibe of everyone flowing in and out of the house whenever they felt. that plus the sharing everything was nice.


dreamt that i told flounderer98 i was going to buy my cat a toy that released treats when you played with it and he told me that our roomate E already had one that I could have.

in the waking world, i told calico that i was gonna buy that toy for my cat (I was already planning on buying one before the dream) and she told me that she has one her cat doesnt like that i can have. prophetic dream?


dreamt that i was with everyone from my first elementary school class (a school i left after 4th grade) i can't recall everything that occured but i felt this weird sense that everyone was treating me as if no time had passed but i was aware that years had passed since we've seen each other.


treeprophet was leaving my house and going home. he was wearing my grey pants. i asked him why he was wearing them and he said he liked them. i told him they were my favorite and he couldn't just take them and he was like "well it'll only be for a week"


I was in a large building with many people who I think were all children. There was a woman there who was evil in some way...I was hiding from her and trying to save the kids. my cat, Malachi, was with me the whole time but she was part cat, part falcon.

later, i was with treeprophet, E, and some other folks. we were drawing on these little piece of contact paper and putting them on this machine that converted it into a digital drawing with cool depth and stuff. then treeprophet's childhood friend C showed up. my brother J was there and he suggested we go play ghost in the graveyard. we went to this big arcade/ entertainment complex together where there were a lot of other kids. when we were done playing, we all left and so did everyone else who was in the building. My friend S was there and while we were walking out she distracted the girl working at the front so I could steal a tootsie pop but I got scared and didn't do it.

some analysis: big childhood theme, i felt like i was in my 21 yr old body and my friends were their normal age but we were all kids at the same time.

also, my cat has been by my side in a lot of my nightmare type dreams. she sleeps with me every night and i think my subconscious sees her as a protector


had a few dreams last night. in the first one, i was caught in a loop of being forced to merge consciousnesses with this demon lady and do awful things. woke up from that with literal chills down my spine.

can't remember the other ones right now