today it was very hard to get out of bed. i played animal crossing in the morning and then worked at Deborah's. The logs didn't feel as heavy in my arms, i think im getting stronger. Her husband asked me a weird question about biden.

then i went to the library with some pals. i started auctioning off this miscut magic card on facebook that is apparently worth a lot. it's at $1500 right now and the auction ends sunday. I might buy a switch with the money. half is going to a friend though.

called my brother. made tofu. called treeprophet and went to hyvee to buy chocolate peanut butter ice cream. played pictionary online with moldgold222 and idi. played more animal crossing. answered emails.

i know that you sync cycles with the people around you but when im on period it feels like everyone i know is on theirs. the bob account tweeted about menstruation today. also it's always right after the full moon.


some good things happened today:

- today i bought 4 bags of kettle cooked pub mustard chips for $1 with c. we looked at every item at hyvee and giggled.

- my roommate brought home a huge plant today, it touches the ceiling and it's magnificent.

also i started EMDR which is draining but will be good. i feel like im training for a marathon but its therapy.


first day of classes. feeling like i'm not gonna hold back this semester, my last semester of college. can't wait to tell the prof, who controls my stipend and is responsible for me doing so much unpaid labor, that i cannot afford to buy the textbook for his class.

i wish i wasn't so pessimistic about school but i really am. academia sucks.


got too high and cried during king of the hill again. my brain feels melty.

this weekend i:

- watched the godfather part i and ii. really good but also very intense and sad. best character: the cat

- did some doodles and played vidya games with my tr*pping friends. made my heart feel peace again. really good.

- watched king of the hill and watched treeprophet watch king of the hill. my version of double monitor lightup keyboard is leaning my phone up against my laptop screen.

- sent emails. ope! its time to create an AI of myself to answer my e-mails! thank u 4 yr service AI mothbaby


thought to myself today, i should make a twitter, not follow anyone, and just shit post. and then i was like nah I should work on my flounder site! so here i am

astro weather update: tomorrow mars will leave aries (where it has been for 6 months) and enter taurus, we're going to be slowing down and relaxing, but watch out for over-indulgence. this energy is especially impactful for fixed signs (taurus, scoprio, leo, aquarius) i am currently eating too many oreos so already off to a great start