love to have a magical gathering

been playing magic for about 6 months, and boy, its fun. you can collect cards, make decks, and play a game w/ friends. the whole sha-bang.

here are some decks i've made:

the rogues are unforgiving

this is the first commander deck i got. i bought the precon anowon, the ruin thief but have heavily altered it. it's all about doing damage that can't be blocked and shutting down others gameplay. a very fun to play but kinda mean deck. might link to a decklist eventually when i have my shit together


this is a 60 card blue/green deck. pretty sure every creature is a merfolk. they love the water

spell slingin'

another 60 card, red/blue deck. really fun to play and a quick deck. keeps ya on yr toes.

some decks i'm working on:

golgari discard elves

i've deconstructed my partner elf deck and re working it with nath of the gilt leaf as a commander. really stoked about this since it has a much more specific focus than my other elf deck. i really like to play with game control so without blue im glad i can still use hand control to have that element.

liesa shroud of dusk

pulled this from our legends box and thought she was a badass commander. black/white seems like a really powerful combo and im slowly collecting the cards i need for this. i think i just need to splurge on a couple costly cards that will really boost this deck

simic cmc 6 or greater

using imoti, celebrant of bounty as a commander. i want this to be a huge ramp plus huge creature deck. pretty excited about this combination. dont have too many cards for this but its on the back burner