feel like i cant write poetry without playing guitar anymore. and my guitar is kinda messed up rn so i cant play. really want to work on a song :(

i had a bad luck day in animal crossing (gamecube) and feel like it was my fault for time traveling

might delete twitter, i feel like i get a lot of important information there but its also swarming with negativity. i dont know where to get news from anymore. it's so bizzare that our scope of awareness is so limited to what's on our social media. if i didn't use my phone today i wouldn't have known about the coup.

i hate when so much time has passed that i haven't been physically around another person. being underemployed during a pandemic is making me realize how i rely on work for social interaction. i miss my cat, where is she?

she literally came running into my room after i typed that. psychic connection. i love her. goodnight flounders