mothbaby thinks the stars have a lot of impact on our lives

i've been interested in astrology since high school but in the last couple of years i've spent a lot of time reading and learning more about it. people are really quick to think astrology is pseudo-science which is okay, but i really think it's a great tool for self-reflection. one night, treeprophet and i were staring at the stars for awhile and talked about how humans didn't always have all this information and stuff to fill their lives. they probably spent a lot of time staring up at the stars. and some of them started to make connections between the patterns in the stars and the patterns in their lives. that feels pretty "real" to me.

if you are a versed astrologer, feel free to email me if you have thoughts about my chart at

my natal chart

i am still trying to figure out how to upload an image

sun: leo in the 4th house

moon: sagittarius in the 8th house

mercury: leo in the 4th house

venus: virgo in the 5th house

mars: scorpio in the 7th house

jupiter: taurus in the 1st house

saturn: taurus in the 1st house

uranus: aquarius in the 11th house

neptune: aquarius in the 10th house

pluto: sagittarius in the 8th house

north node: leo in the 5th house

chiron: scorpio in the 7th house

acs: taurus

midheaven: capricorn

general thoughts about my chart

i'm pretty earth and fire dominant, as well as fixed sign dominant. fixed signs are not as adaptable to change but are very grounded and focused on their passions.

my ruling planet is venus and venus is in the 5th house. i place a lot of important in relationships and material pleasures, i am playful and value romance as well as familial relationships.