mothbaby plays animal crossing (gamecube)

special characters

there are several special characters who do not live in my town but appear at random times. i'm going to use this to document what characters i've encountered.

- wendell the walrus

I've ran into wendell 3 times i think? when you talk to him he is very hungry and asks for food. if you give him a fish he is super grateful and gives you a rare wallpaper in return. so far he has given me industrial paper twice, it sells for a pretty penny

- katrina the fortune teller

i've encountered katrina twice in different circumstances. the first time was on new years day at the wishing well. she was giving out fortunes for 50 bells. they were in letter format. i bought two . one of them was unlucky and the last one was kinda lucky? i'm not sure how this actually effects my luck in the game or if it does.

i encountered katrina again when her tent was randomly set up in my town. if you pay her 50 bells she gives you a fortune. she says a seemingly random combination of words like "an astronaut will fall asleep while you ride a bike" and then says something to the sum of "you will have some good luck and some bad luck" this is considered a "normal" fortune. i kept paying for a fortune until i got a "special fortune." after reading the random words she was like "wow it looks like you are going to be attracting many people this week." If she reads a special fortune that affects your luck for 1 day to 1 week. my villagers kept running up to me and telling me how great i looked all day lol.

feng shui

animal crossing is heavily influenced by luck. this influences how likely you are to earn more bells and find rare items. players can influence their own luck a couple of ways, one being how they place their furniture. Green items go on the south wall, yellow on the west, orange on the north, and red on the east. only certain items trigger this, not just any colored item. i've been spending a lot of time trying to fill my house with items that will help my feng shui.